The RAC  is the ideal storage system for weapons of law enforcement, the military and other government agencies. Our Kevlar covered device is exceptional for  protecting the AR-15.  Having a strong and effective method of storing your AR-15 and/or any other firearm is imperative when working in the field.  Having the RAC mounted in the cab or trunk of your squad car can prevent criminals from accessing your unattended firearm(s).  The RAC can also be useful for storing confiscate firearms until safely back at station or barracks..

The RAC is the ultimate security and storage system for Law Enforcement and the Military. When Law Enforcement wants peace of mind when securing their firearms, they turn to The RAC.

GSA approved the RAC is strong and versatile.  The RAC’s tempered steel construction withstands up to two (2) tons of pressure, and the patented, hidden mounting system makes it tamper-proof, damage-proof, and theft-proof.

Whether you represent the military, government or civilian contractor the RAC is the only security device you need to secure firearms within the homes, and any vehicle.

Specifically suited for firearms

  • The RAC can be installed in a vehicle; either in the trunk or within the vehicle compartment
  • For purchasers of multiple units, use one key for all of your units; or different keys for each one
  • The RAC has a locking arm which swivels 360° for easy use
  • The RAC has a stationary locking post passes through trigger housing
  • The RAC comes in two varieties: The standard 3-inch model for single firearm storage while the FBI uses a 5-inch to secure AR-15s and the Remington 870 in unmarked vehicles.

Some of the most prominent police departments around the country have brought The RAC to their officers, including:

  • Los Angeles Police Department
  • Las Vegas Police Department
  • Fairfax County Sheriffs Department
  • Prince Georges County Sheriffs Department
  • Detroit Police Department
  • Birmingham (Alabama) Police Department

And many more

But don’t just take our word for it, look at what some of our law enforcement customers have said about our product:

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“This unique device prevents the unauthorized use and theft of firearms. It is my hope that it will decrease the crisis of firearm deaths in our country”

–Joseph E. Thomas, Jr. Chief of Police, Southfield, MI

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